Azure Data Factory Training in Hyderabad Kukatpally: Azure data factory (ADF) is a cloud-based ETL & Data Integration service. Our goal is to enhance our students’ capabilities by providing the best Azure data factory training in Kukatpally. We train our students to write codes for managing & handling data movement & transformation. We fully prepare you for ADF & the live lectures we offer to make learning more credible & straightforward.

azure data factory in hyderabad

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Best Azure Data Factory Training in Hyderabad

Azure Data Factory (ADF) Course Content

Introduction to cloud, different cloud service providers, and where Azure stands in the market.

Classification of Cloud Services

  • IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
  • Public, Private, Hybrid
  • Subscribing to Azure, connecting to Azure environment
  • Different components and services available in Azure
  • Create resources/components in Azure and use each component.
  • Resource Groups and their need/importance
  • Storage

    1. Azure Data Lake
    2. Azure Blob storage
    3. Azure SQL Database
  • Data Management
    1. Azure Data Factory v2
    2. Logic Apps
    3. Azure Data Bricks
    4. Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Security
    1. Azure Key Vault
  • Components in ADF v2:
    • Pipelines
    • Activities
    • Datasets
    • Linked Services
    • Triggers
      1. Scheduled Trigger
      2. Tumbling Window
      3. Event Based
      4. Debugging
    • Parameters
    • Integration Run Time
    • Data Flow
    • Power Query
  • ADF V2
    • Different types of Activities with examples
    • Different control flows with examples
    • Debugging errors
    • Copy data from Data Lake Storage to Azure SQL
    • Copy data from Azure Blob Storage to Azure SQL
    • Copy data from On-Premise Database to Azure SQL
    • Copy Data from Rest API to Azure SQL
    • Multiple Real Time Scenarios
  • Azure Synapse Analytics
    • Workspace in Synapse
    • Synapse Serverless vs Dedicated Pool
    • Analyze data with a dedicated and serverless pool.
    • Distributions in Azure Synapse
    • Create External Data Sources in Azure Synapse
    • Create External File Format in Azure Synapse
    • Create External Table as Select
    • Create a Table as Select
    • Temporary Tables
    • Surrogate Keys
    • OPENROWSET() Function
    • Apache Spark and Spark Pools in Synapse
    • Creating Notebooks in Azure Synapse.
  • Logic Apps
    • Introduction to Logic Apps
    • Connectors in Logic Apps
    • Send email from Azure Logic Apps
  • Azure Databricks
    • Introduction to Azure Databricks
    • Workspace in Databricks
    • Azure Databricks Architecture
    • Databricks File System
    • Databricks Utilities
    • Widgets
    • Parameterize Databricks notebooks.
    • Mount Points
    • Configure access to a storage account.
    • Access Data lake storage

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Azure Data Factory Course in Hyderabad

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