Azure Data Factory (ADF)


Azure Data Factory Training in Hyderabad Kukatpally: Azure data factory (ADF) is a cloud-based ETL & Data Integration service. Our goal is to enhance our students’ capabilities by providing the best Azure data factory training in kukatpally. We train our students to write codes for managing & handling data movement & transformation. We fully prepare you for ADF & the live lectures we offer make learning more credible & straight-forward.

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Introduction to Microsoft Azure

  • what is Cloud computing
  • what are services offering Microsoft azure
  • Advantages of cloud computing
  • Types of cloud deployments
  • Types of cloud Services
  • Microsoft Azure vs. AWS
  • How to Create Azure Account
  • Understand Azure Management Portal
  • Azure Architecture & Services
  • How to Create Resources and Resource Groups in Microsoft Azure
  • Azure Resource Manager vs. classic deployment
  • How to create Virtual Machine

Storage Account in Azure

  • Create a Storage Account
  • Blob, File, Queues, Tables, Security in Storage Account, Access keys, Share Access Signatures
  • Create Containers and Blobs
  • Install & Explore Azure Storage Explorer
  • Create SAS tokens and understand the benefits of SAS tokens
  • Copy Files from on pre Blob, File, Queues, Tables, Security in Storage Account, Access keys, Share Access Signatures
  • Create File Shares and sync the files
  • Create Tables using Storage Explorer

Azure SQL Database

  • What is Azure SQL
  • Azure SQL Managed Instance,  SQL in Virtual Machine
  • How to Create Database in Azure SQL Server
  • What is Elastic Pool in Azure SQL Data base
  • How to Query Azure SQL Server from On-premises SSMS and Cloud
  • What is Polybase in Azure SQL
  • What is an External table
  • How to Load Data from On-premises to Cloud SQL using data factory
  • Migration of Existing Data from on premises to SQL Azure

Azure Data Factory

  • Azure Data Factory vs SSIS
  • Linked Services, Data Sets, Pipelines
  • Parameters vs Variables
  • Copy Data, Monitor Manage,
  • Different kinds of integration runtimes
  • How to create pipelines from template
  • How to configure different Integration Runtimes
  • Azure Integration runtime,
  • Azure Self  Hosted Integration Runtime,
  • SSIS Integration runtime.
  • Move & transform, Copy Data, Append Variable, Execute Pipeline, Execute SSIS Package
  • Get Metadata, Lookup, Stored procedure, Set Variable, Delete, Wait, Until,
  • Iteration & Conditionals, Filter, For Each, If Condition, Until
  • Incremental Loading in Azure Data factory using Blob Storage to SQL Implementing Slowly changing Dimension Data Flow
  • Source, Lookup, Derived Column, Alter Row, Conditional Split, Sink

Azure – Deployment as Code using ARM Templates

  • What are ARM Templates using for Deployment
  • How to Deploy Data Factory Pipelines DEV, Test, Prod environment
  • Version Control and Code Repository in Git Hub
  • Debugging and Monitoring Pipelines
  • Error handling and Logging error records
  • Lift and Shift SSIS packages in to Azure Data Factory.

Azure Data Lake

  • Blob Storage vs Data Lake
  • What is Data Lake & Date Lake Gen1 Vs Gen2
  • How to store Data into data lake
  • How to Query data from Data Lake to SQL Server.
  • Introduction to Azure Data Lake U-SQL Batch Job
  • How to Schedule Data Lake Analytics Jobs using Data Factory
  • Azure Blob to Data Lake Gen 2 using Data Factory

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