Azure Data Factory Training in Hyderabad Kukatpally: Azure data factory (ADF) is a cloud-based ETL & Data Integration service. Our goal is to enhance our students’ capabilities by providing the best Azure data factory training in kukatpally. We train our students to write codes for managing & handling data movement & transformation. We fully prepare you for ADF & the live lectures we offer make learning more credible & straight-forward.

azure data factory in hyderabad

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Azure Data Factory (ADF) Course Content

Best Azure Data Factory Training in Hyderabad
  • Introduction to cloud, different cloud service providers and where Azure stands in the market.
  • Classification of cloud services
    • IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
    • Public, Private, Hybrid
  • Subscribing to Azure, connecting to Azure environment
  • Different components and services available in Azure
  • Create resources/components in Azure, uses of each component.
    • Resource Groups and their need/importance
    • Storage


      1. Azure Data Lake
      2. Azure Blob storage
      3. Azure SQL Database
    • Data Management
      1. Azure Data Factory v2
      2. Logic Apps
      3. Azure Data Bricks
      4. Azure Synapse Analytics
    • Security
      1. Azure Key Vault
  • Components in ADF v2:
    • Pipelines
    • Activities
    • Datasets
    • Linked Services
    • Triggers
      1. Scheduled Trigger
      2. Tumbling Window
      3. Event Based
      4. Debugging
    • Parameters
    • Integration Run Time
    • Data Flow
    • Power Query
  • ADF V2
    • Different types of Activities with examples
    • Different control flows with examples
    • Debugging errors
    • Copy data from Data Lake Storage to Azure SQL
    • Copy data from Azure Blob Storage to Azure SQL
    • Copy data from On Premise Database to Azure SQL
    • Copy Data from Rest API to Azure SQL
    • Multiple Real Time Scenarios
  • Azure Synapse Analytics
    • Workspace in Synapse
    • Synapse Serverless vs Dedicated Pool
    • Analyze data with dedicated and serverless pool.
    • Distributions in Azure Synapse
    • Create External Data Sources in Azure Synapse
    • Create External File Format in Azure Synapse
    • Create External Table as Select
    • Create Table as Select
    • Temporary Tables
    • Surrogate Keys
    • OPENROWSET() Function
    • Apache Spark and Spark Pools in Synapse
    • Creating Notebooks in Azure Synapse.
  • Logic Apps
    • Introduction to Logic Apps
    • Connectors in Logic Apps
    • Send email from Azure Logic Apps
  • Azure Databricks
    • Introduction to Azure Databricks
    • Workspace in Databricks
    • Azure Databricks Architecture
    • Databricks File System
    • Databricks Utilities
    • Widgets
    • Parameterize Databricks notebooks.
    • Mount Points
    • Configure access to storage account.
    • Access Data lake storage

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Azure Data Factory Course in Hyderabad

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