Azure Data Factory with DevOps

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Azure Data Factory with captures code in your Data Factory project using JSON, and by connecting ADF to a code repository, each of your changes will be tracked when you save them. Furthermore, whenever you publish, DevOps will automatically create a new version of the Data Factory, allowing you to rollback if necessary. Users can use the Azure Data Factory connectors feature to filter out unwanted data. We can filter out the information we need and discard the rest. Its copy activity feature allows users to copy data between on-premises and cloud-based data stores. Azure Data Factory aids in the promotion of high-quality data management services.

Curriculum for the Azure Development Course

Azure Data Lake

Azure Blob storage Azure SQL

Azure Storage Explorer

Azure Data Factory v2 Logic Apps

Power Automate Azure Data Bricks

Azure Key Vault

Azure DevOps

Project Settings

Pipelines (to implement CI/CD) Repos


Pipelines Activities Datasets Linked Services Triggers

Scheduled Trigger Tumbling Window Event Based Debugging Parameters Pipeline

Dataset Linked Service

Integration Run Time

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Azure Data Factory with DevOps

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