Azure Development

Azure Development

Azure Development is a comprehensive cloud platform that can host your existing apps while also facilitating the creation of new ones. Azure brings together the cloud services you’ll need to build, test, deploy, and manage your apps while taking advantage of cloud computing’s efficiency. Azure provides cloud-based Big Data management and processing solutions, including machine learning, streaming analytics, and AI services

Duration :45 day

Azure Development Key Highlights

 100+ hours of learning

 Real-time industry professionals curate the course.

 Internships and live projects

 Dedicated staff of placement experts

Placement is guaranteed 100 percent Assistance

28+ Skills That Are Useful in the Workplace

Trainers with a minimum of 12 years of experience

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Description of the Azure Development Course


Microsoft launched Azure in 2010 as a monthly subscription cloud computing service. Azure provides cloud-based Big Data management and processing solutions, including machine learning, streaming analytics, and AI services, all of which can be managed via the Azure Portal.

This one-day training will cover Azure ideas, core Azure services, core solutions, and management tools, general security and network security, governance, privacy, and compliance capabilities, and Azure cost management and service level agreements.

Curriculum for the Azure Development Course


Writing a simple code

·        Working with UI & Console based Test Runner

·        Interacting with UI element with Cypress

·        Advanced Cypress commands

·        Cypress variables

·        Alias

·        Cypress Wrap

·        Implicit and Explicit assertions in Cypress

·        Cypress Hooks

·        Data Driven Testing

·        Handing Async promises with Cypress

  • Custom commands in Cypress
  • Configurations and creating test videos and failure screenshots
  • Environment variables
  • Cypress Plugins
  • Cucumber with Cypress
  • Cucumber for Parameter data in Step definition
  • Cucumber DataTables for working with multiple data

Page object Models with Cypress + BDD

API Testing with Cypress

·        API testing for GET, POST, PUT, DELETE and PATCH.

CI/CD Integration with Azure DevOps

·        Mocha awesome reports

·        Mocha JUnit reports

·        Reports for BDD testing with Cucumber

·        Windows Authentication handling in Cypress

·        File Upload

·        Changing browser behavior with Cypress events

·        Debugging with Cypress

·        Handling Alerts and popups with Cypress

·        iFrames in Cypress

·        XHR and asserting using Explicit assertion

·        XHR to verify authentication token validation

·        Cookies and asserting cookies values

·        Cypress Dashboard

·        Record in Cypress Dashboard

·        Parallelization

·        Cypress CI/CD

·        Cypress Insights

·        Cypress Docker

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • JavaScript Basics: Control Flow
  • JavaScript Basics: Functions
  • JavaScript Basics: Arrays
  • JavaScript Basics: Objects
  • JavaScript Advanced
  • JavaScript DOM
  • Git and Github

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