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First, we must enter your Jenkins system’s e-mail and user name, then navigate to your job directory and run the “git config” command.

Ansible is mostly used to manage or deploy applications to remote nodes in IT architecture. Let’s imagine we want to deploy a single application to hundreds of nodes with only one command. Ansible comes into play here, but you’ll need some knowledge of Ansible script to understand or run it.

Yes, we can!! The only difference between agile methodology and DevOps is that, agile methodology is implemented only for development section and DevOps implements agility on both development as well as operations section.

Sudo (superuser do) is a command-line application for UNIX and Linux systems that allows particular users to run specific system commands at the root (most powerful) level of the system.

Jenkins Pipeline is a collection of plugins that aid in the implementation and integration of continuous delivery.

To terminate the container, use the command docker stop containerID>.
docker restart containerID> to restart the container

Scrum is a software development methodology that uses iterations and incremental practises to break down complicated software and product development tasks into smaller parts. It takes two weeks to complete each iteration. SPRINTS are the abbreviation for these incremental iterations.

A file must be formatted and examined in an intermediate area known as the ‘Staging Area’ or ‘Indexing Area’ before being committed.

add file name> to git


# git add. /

*This must be taken from the current code directory*/

I need to go to Manage Jenkins and then to Global Tool Configurations, where I need to fill in all of the details like Git URL, Java version, Maven version, Path, and so on.

Some debugging steps are listed below:

• Verify the network connection

• Verify whether the Web Server is receiving requests from users.

• Examine the logs

• Verify whether services are operating by looking at the process ids.

• Verify whether the Application Server is getting user requests.

Enter the required message using the following command.

git commit –amend git commit –amend git commit –amend

To replicate it on another server, copy the JENKINS HOME directory and the “jobs” directory.

Amazon offers the Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS), which we will use to create and configure task definitions and services before launching the apps.

A DevOps Engineer coordinates with developers, as well as the IT system, in order to manage code releases. They are either developers who have developed an interest in deployment, such as in practise settings, or sysadmins who have converted a passion for scripting and coding into a shift toward the development front, where everyone can improve that test and deployment plans.

Yes, we are capable of doing so. One approach to go about it is as follows:
• By moving the matching jobs folder from one server to another, we can copy Jenkins jobs.

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