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Course: Hadoop Administration
Course Duration: 20 Hours
Who can attend? Aspiring candidates to learn the Hadoop Ecosystem and Who are willing
to become Hadoop Admins and Hadoop Engineers.

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Curriculum for the Full-stack python

Module 0-Introduction

  • Welcome to the class

Module 1 – Getting started

  • What is Hadoop?
  • What is Cloudera?
  • Why Cloudera?
  • Differences between CDH, HDP and CDP

 Module 2 – Deep Dive into Hadoop

  • Architecture of Hadoop
  • Roles/Components in Hadoop and their working
  • Commands used in Hadoop

Module 3 – YARN and its working

  • Architecture of YARN
  • Roles/Components in YARN and their working
  • Commands used in YARN
  • Architecture/working of MapReduce

Module 4 – Computational Services Hive and Impala

  • Architecture of Hive
  • Roles/Components in Hive
  • Basic queries to understand HIVE
  • Architecture of Impala
  • Roles/Components in Impala
  • Basic queries to understand Impala

Module 5 – Cluster/Configuration management through Zookeeper

  • Architecture of Zookeeper
  • Roles/Components in zookeeper
  • HDFS failover through zookeeper

Module 6 – Kafka as a messaging service

  • Architecture of Kafka
  • Roles/Components in Kafka
  • Commands used in Kafka and usage

Module 7 – Spark and SOLR

  • Architecture of Spark
  • Working with Spark
  • Architecture of SOLR
  • Working with SOLR

Module 8 – Security through Sentry and Ranger

  • Overview of sentry
  • Working with sentry
  • Overview of Ranger
  • Working with Ranger

Module 9 – Troubleshooting

  •  How to troubleshoot any issues?
  • Identifying the issue, categorizing the issue, Step toward the resolution of the issue

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