Hadoop Training in Hyderabaad


 Hadoop Training Live and Recorded Sessions 
• All documents related to the Hadoop  course
• Helping in installations
• Workshop utilities
Note:Resourceswillbe availableonly duringthe course periodexceptthe sessionrecordings&
Course: Hadoop Administration
Course Duration: 20 Hours
Who can attend? Aspiring candidate to learn Hadoop Ecosystem and Who are willing
to become Hadoop Admins and Hadoop Engineers.


• Welcome to the class

What is Hadoop?
• What is Cloudera?
• Why Cloudera?
• Differences between CDH, HDP and CDP

•Architecture of Hadoop
• Roles/Components in Hadoop and theirworking
• Commands used in Hadoop

•Architecture of YARN
• Roles/Components in YARN and their working
• Commands used in YARN
• Architecture/working of MapReduce

•Architecture of Hive
• Roles/Components in Hive
• Basic queries to understand HIVE
• Architecture of Impala
• Roles/Components in Impala
• Basic queries to understand Impala

Architecture of Zookeeper
• Roles/Components in zookeeper
• HDFS failover through zookeeper

• Architecture of Kafka
• Roles/Components in Kafka
• Commands used in Kafka and usage

• Architecture of Spark
• Working with Spark
• Architecture of SOLR
• Working with SOLR

• Overview of sentry
• Working with sentry
• Overview of Ranger
• Working with Ranger

• How to troubleshoot any issues?
• Identifying the issue, categorizing the issue, Step towards resolution of

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