Main Frames

A mainframe is the core data repository, or hub, in a corporation’s data processing centre, and it is connected to users via less capable devices like as workstations or terminals. The presence of a mainframe frequently implies centralised computing as opposed to distributed computing.Join V Cube for Main Frames course in Kphb.

What is Mainframes?

A mainframe is a large-capacity computer system with much greater processing power than PCs or midrange computers. Mainframes have always been associated with centralised, rather than distributed, computing systems. Although client/server technology has made mainframes easier to use and maintain, skilled technicians are still necessary to program and maintain them. Large firms typically employ them to conduct data processing for enterprise-wide administrative functions such as payroll or accounts payable.


Why do we use Main Frame Technology?

 The mainframe is a system in which requests are processed quickly and distributed to the appropriate processor cards. These systems are utilized by large IT businesses, Walmart, NASA, and other organisations. Mainframes will be used in the near future and will not be phased out anytime soon. Many businesses rely on computers as a reliable source of systems.

What Mainframe can Do?

  • Software Application Development
  • E-Business and E-commerce
  • Healthcare application development
  • Analystics using Mainframe SAS

Advantages of Main Frames :

Below are some advantages:

  • High availability of the systems
  • Extreme reliability of the systems
  • Systems of extreme high availability to handle large volumes of data
  • English-like constructs.
  • Self-documenting systems.

Required Skills to learn :

  • Virtualization
  • Troubleshooting
  • Programming capability
  • Storage Management Part
  • Escalation management

Main Frame Key Highlights:

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Job Oppurtunities in Main Frame Technologies :

  • Mainframe Application developer
  • Mainframe system administrator
  • Mainframe Storage Administrator
  • Mainframe Application Architect
  • Mainframe Support Engineer

Main Frame Concepts :

  • Introduction to IBM Mainframe Systems
  • IBM Mainframe Architecture
  • Data and Job Management
  • Operating Systems
  • Introduction to COBOL and its versions
  • COBOL Program structure
  • Field Declaration – Data Types
  • MOVE
  • IF Statement
  • COPY
  • Computational Usages
  • How to use files in COBOL Program?
  • File Programming using Sequential, Indexed and Relative files
  • Realtime programs using files
  • Array Declaration
  • Using arrays in programs with
  • Subscripting & Indexing
  • Sorting & Merging
  • Resolving File Status codes and abends
  • Coding Realtime Programs
  • DB2 – Database concepts
  • DB2 Organization
  • Tablespaces, Tables, Views, Indexes, Synonyms, Aliases
  • Using SQL Queries
  • Group By, Having, Order By
  • Joins
  • Subqueries vs Correlated subqueries
  • Unions
  • DB2 Utilities
  • NULLS – Null Indicators
  • Cursors and Types
  • DB2 Program Preparation
  • Pre-compilation
  • BIND – Packages & Plans
  • DB2 Locking and Concurrency
  • Locking Modes
  • Isolation Levels
  • Commit & Rollback
  • Constraints
  • DB2 Performance issues and tuning techniques
  • SQLCODES and resolving abends
  • COBOL-DB2 Realtime Programming
  • Introduction to VSAM
  • VSAM Datasets – ESDS, KSDS, RRDS
  • Space management
  • Alternate Indexes
  • Dataset structures
  • Defining Clusters
  • IDCAMS – Repro, Print, Alter, Delete
  • Accessing VSAM files from COBOL
  • File status codes and abend codes
  • Coding programs using VSAM files
  • File-Aid for files & DB2
  • Changeman
  • Xpeditor
  • Application development covering all phases of SDLC
  • Quality Management
  • Documentation

How to do Mainframe Testing?

Mainframe testing is often done manually, however it can be automated with tools such as REXX, QTP, IBM application performance analyzer, CA application fine tuner, and so on. Regardless of mode, the following shift left strategy should be used to manage testing operations.

1. Planning

A testing team in co-ordination with the Project management and development team should prepare Test scenarios and test cases well in advance. System requirement document, Business requirement document, other project documents and inputs from the development team will be useful for preparing test plans. The resources with prerequisite mainframe knowledge should be part
of the team.

2. Scheduling 
A testing schedule should be drawn in line with the project delivery schedule and it should be realistic.

3. Deliverables
Deliverables should be well defined without any ambiguity and it should be within the scope of test objectives.

4. Execution
Execution should be as per plan and deliverables. There should be periodical reviews with the development team to check the progress and make a course correction.

5. Reporting

Test results should be shared with the development team on a periodical basis. In case of urgent situations, the testing team can get in touch with the development team for immediate correction to maintain continuity.

6. Advantages

The robust testing process avoids unnecessary rework, utilizes resources optimally, reduces production downtime, enhances the user experience, improves customer retention and reduces the cost of IT operation overall.

Conclusion : 

This is without a doubt one of the most adaptable and dependable systems in over a decade. We can confidently state that the mainframe will maintain its position for any length of time. Security over the chemicals handled by the mainframe is also a crucial justification for the mainframe’s location. A mainframe is nearly irreplaceable in the market, providing a solution for practically all requirements.
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