Power Automate

Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate: Microsoft Power Automate is a programme that allows users to create workflows between applications in order to synchronise files, receive notifications, and collect data. This intelligent cloud-based solution uses triggers and actions to create chain reactions within a workflow, eliminating the need for humans to complete repetitive, manual, and time-consuming tasks.

Microsoft Power Automate increases user productivity by allowing them to automate tasks and create intelligent workflows quickly and securely.

Duration : 45days 

Power Automate Key Highlights

 100+ hours of learning

 Real-time industry professionals curate the course.

 Internships and live projects

 Dedicated staff of placement experts

Placement is guaranteed 100 percent Assistance

28+ Skills That Are Useful in the Workplace

Trainers with a minimum of 12 years of experience

Videos and back-up classes

Subject Matter Experts Deliver Guest Lectures


Description of the Power Automate

Why Power Automate is so popular?

Microsoft Power Automate was designed with citizen integrators and IT decision-makers in mind. Citizen integrators are enterprise organisations’ line-of-business users who collaborate with IT to bring digital solutions closer to the business. IT is made up of decision-makers who want to enable line-of-business partners to build their own solutions on simple platforms.

IT professionals and integration specialists can eventually concentrate their efforts on more advanced integration tools. Each wants to work together to make their lives easier by improving the organization’s business processes. Microsoft Power Automate is a sophisticated integration tool. 

Curriculum for the Power Automate

  • Power Automate Desktop introduction.
  • Power Automate installation
  • Creating Desktop Flows
  • Create  variables, and set values to the variables.
  • Data Types
  • Different types of  Conditional Actions
  • Loops
  • Excel Automation
  • File Actions
  • Folder actions
  • Database automation
  • Compression Actions
  • Date and Time Actions 
  • Text Actions
  • Outlook Automation Actions
  • Email Automation Actions
  • Web recorder
  • Web Automation Actions
  • UI Automation Actions
  • Desktop recorder
  • XML Automation Actions
  • PDF Automation Actions
  • Sample POC
  • Real-time use cases
  • Project Template.
  • Challenges faced while BOT development.
  • Interview question and answers
  • Resume preparation.

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