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Protractor is an Angular and Angular JS application end-to-end testing framework. Protractor tests your application in a real browser, interacting with it as if it were a real user. Protractor is a node.js adaptation of the Selenium framework’s JavaScript implementation,
Protractor is a Node.js software that supports Jasmine, Mocha, and Cucumber test frameworks.

Selenium WebDriver and Node.js are required for Protractor to work. npm can be used to download the Protractor package.

Protractor is an AngularJS application end-to-end testing framework. The Jasmine and Mocha test frameworks are supported by Protractor, a Node.js software.
Selenium is a framework for automating browsers. The Selenium Server, WebDriver APIs, and WebDriver browser drivers are all part of Selenium.
Protractor and Selenium combine to create an automated test infrastructure that can replicate a user’s interaction with an Angular application running in a browser or on a mobile device.

Jasmine and Mocha are two behaviour driven development (BDD) test frameworks that Protractor supports.

Jasmine is a JavaScript testing framework that is open source. It is designed to work on any platform that supports JavaScript. It doesn’t require a DOM and has a simple, clear syntax that makes writing tests a breeze.

Mocha is a JavaScript test framework for Node.js applications that includes browser compatibility, asynchronous testing, test coverage reporting, and the ability to utilise any assertion library.

TypeScript is a JavaScript superset that has been compiled to JavaScript. Microsoft created and maintains TypeScript, a tightly typed, object-oriented, compiled language. TypeScript can be used to create both client-side and server-side (Node.js) JavaScript applications.

Protractor uses the configuration file to inform it how to set up the Selenium Server, which tests to run, which browsers to use, and which test framework to utilise. One or more global settings can be included in the configuration file. All of the Protractor setup options are explained in the config file. The standalone Selenium Server, the Chrome browser, and the Jasmine test framework are all default configurations.

The spec file is where we write the real test code. It includes the logic and locators needed to communicate with a programme.

Without the use of a Selenium Server, Protractor can test directly against Chrome and Firefox. Set directConnect: true in your config file to use this.
directConnect: true – Your test script talks with the Chrome or Firefox drivers directly, bypassing the Selenium Server. Setting for seleniumAddress and seleniumServerJar will be disregarded if this is true. An error will be thrown if you try to use a browser other than Chrome or Firefox.
Directly connecting to browser drivers has the advantage of allowing your test scripts to start and execute faster.

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