Selenium is an open-source umbrella project providing a collection of web browser automation technologies and libraries. Without having to learn a test scripting language, Selenium provides a playback tool for building functional tests (Selenium IDE). It also includes a test domain-specific language (Selenese) for writing tests in JavaScript (Node.js), C#, Groovy, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Scala. Most recent web browsers can then be used to run the tests. Selenium is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. It’s free software distributed under the Apache License 2.0.

Selenium with Python Course Duration : 30 days

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Getting start with Automation

  • What is Automation Testing
  • Manual Vs Automation
  • Tools for Automation Testing
  • Selenium for Experienced, Manual tester and Selenium for Fresher’s Discussion in detail
  • Selenium Introduction, Advantage, Limitation, etc

Python for Selenium

  • What is Python and features of Python
  • Different variants of Python and which one we should go for.
  • Python installation and component explanation
  • Different IDE for Python and Installation/Setup of PyCharm
  • Download and Install IPython
  • Write and Execute first python program
  • Reserved Keywords in Python
  • Data type in Python
  • Data type conversion in Python
  • Operators-Arithmetic and Logical operators in Python
  • Looping statement- For loop, while loop, enhanced for Python
  • Conditional Statement- If, If else, Nested if else, Switch statement
  • 1D-Arrays, 2D Array – Array in Detail
  • Classes, Object in Python- Bread, and Butter of all OOPS programming language
  • Inheritance- Single level Inheritance
  • Constructor- Default constructor and parameterized constructor
  • Method overloading- Compile time Polymorphism
  • Constructor overloading- Compile time Polymorphism
  • Method overriding- Run time Polymorphism
  • String class and usage in Selenium- For Different validation and operation
  • Numbers in Python
  • List in Python
  • Tupple in Python
  • Dictionary in Python
  • Exception Handling- Handle Python exception
  • Debugging in Python- How to debug Python application
  • Modules in Python
  • Read and write files in Python

Selenium Basic

  • Selenium JSON Wireless Protocol- Selenium API to understand Selenium functionality
  • Selenium Architecture- Selenium internal architecture
  • Setting up stage- Install/ Configure Selenium in windows and MAC
  • Working with different browser- Chrome, IE, Firefox- Challenges with Each browser and Solution
  • Browser Navigation commands
  • WebElement commands
  • Working with Input box
  • Working with Radio button and checkbox
  • Working with dropdown
  • Working with file uploader
  • Working with buttons
  • Working with links
  • Locators in Selenium
  • Id, Name , ClassName , XPath, CSS, TagName, LinkText, PartialLinkText,
  • Program with above locators
  • Plugin in Chrome and Firefox for XPath
  • XPath in Details- Basic to Advance
  • CSS in Details 
  • findElement and findElements method in detail 
  • Finding multiple elements and performing actions and validations 
  • Handling Dynamic WebElement in Selenium

Selenium Intermediate

  • Handle Calendar- JQuery Calendar, Custom Calendar
  • Handle Webtable- Traverse Webtable in Forward direction and reverse direction
  • Data Scrapping in Selenium- Extracting all data from Web
  • Extract Links and Images and perform validation- Check all link and Images are not broken
  • Dropdown (advance methods)- get All Option, get All Selected Option.
  • Handling Bootstrap Dropdown
  • Handling Angular JS Dropdown
  • Different kind of Waits in Selenium
  • PageLoadTimeOut
  • ImplicitWait
  • ExplicitWait
  • FluentWait 
  • Thread.sleep vs Selenium Waits
  • How to handle all sync issues in Selenium
  • Switch to commands in Selenium
  • Handle JavaScript Alert
  • Handle Custom Alert
  • Handle Bootstrap Alert
  • Handle Frames using id, name, Web elements
  • Handle nested frames
  • Handle multiple windows/tab
  • Handle Advertise popup
  • Handle Random Popup
  • Handle Complex Gestures in Selenium
  • Working with Mouse Hover, Right click, Double click, Drag and Drop
  • Perform Keyboard events
  • Robot class usage
  • Difference between Robot Class with Actions Class
  • Capture screenshot in Selenium
  • Create a method/Utility for screenshot
  • Append timestamp in Selenium 
  • Working with Windows events (cannot be handled by Selenium)
  • AutoIT Introduction, Installation
  • Handle file uploader using AutoIT
  • Handle windows popup using AutoIT
  • Headless Browser in Selenium
  • Chrome Headless, Firefox Headless 
  • Headless Browser advantage and disadvantage 
  • JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium 
  • Scrolling Page
  • Scrolling into View
  • Performing many events through
  • Handle disable Web elements via JavaScriptExecutor 
  • Handle hidden Web elements via JavaScriptExecutor 
  • Selenium Exceptions 
  • How to handle real-time exceptions in Selenium and program for each exception
  • Desired Capability in Selenium 
  • Customization of Browser settings using ChromeOption, FirefoxOption, IntenetExplorerOption

Selenium Advance

  • Pytest-UnitTest Framework
  • What is Pytest 
  • Write the first test case with Pytest 
  • Setup and TearDown Method with Pytest 
  • Assert in Pytest 
  • Fixtures in Pytest 
  • Running test from the command prompt 
  • Sequencing the test 
  • Reports in Pytest 
  • Create and execute Test Suite in Pytest 
  • Cross browser testing in Selenium and Parallel browser testing in Selenium via pytest-xdist 
  • Reading external files 
  • Reading excel via PyExcel 
  • Reading properties file using configparser in Python 
  • Discussion about Design pattern 
  • Design POM – Page Object Model 
  • Selenium Grid- Introduction to Selenium Grid and Usage 
  • Setting up the hub and node with different configurations 
  • Running the test on different systems using Selenium grid 
  • Running existing Selenium test with different cloud vendors- Integration with Browser Stack 
  • Execution on test with different browsers and device combination.

Framework Definitions

  • Type of Automation framework, usage, features and myth about the framework 
  • Data Driven Framework from scratch
  • Hybrid Framework 
  • Creation of framework Skelton 
  • The different component of the framework 
  • Browser Factory Creation 
  • Data Provider- Config and Excel Data Provider- Test Data and config file 
  • Base Class creation and usage 
  • Creation of library and utility 
  • Creating Multiple pages with smart locators 
  • Creating test cases with multiple assertions 
  • Integration with extent report. 
  • Execution of scripts from the command prompt

Jenkins- Git- Github

  • Creating complete CI for Automated Test 
  • Introduction about Git, GitHub 
  • Setting up first GitHub repository 
  • Cloning repository using SSH and HTTP 
  • Integrate our framework to git via Eclipse 
  • Pushing and pulling the code via Git

Jenkin- Introduction

  • Setting up Jenkins with Python, git, maven, etc 
  • Running first Jenkins job
  • Running multiple Jenkins job via Jenkins Pipeline 
  • Emailing Reports via Jenkins
  • Scheduler in Jenkins 

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