1. Introduction to Terraform (30 mins)
a. Introduction to DevOps
b. Introduction to Infrastructure-As-Code (IaC) Tools
c. How Terraform functions as IaC Tool
d. How Terraform compares vis-a-vis of other IaC Tools
2. Getting Started (30 mins)
a. Installing Terraform
i. Installing on Windows
ii. Installing on Linux
iii. Installing on Mac
b. Setting up AWS Account
3. Beginning Infrastructure Automation with Terraform (30 mins)
a. Create an EC2 instance using AWS Console
b. Create an EC2 Instance using Terraform
c. Create an EC2 Instance as Webserver using Terraform

4. Understanding HCL (HashiCorp Configuration Language) (60 mins)
a. Terraform Variables
b. Conditional Expressions
c. Terraform Functions
d. Dynamic Blocks
e. Output Attributes
f. Data Sources
5. Advanced Infrastructure Automation with Terraform (120 mins)
a. Create an EC2 Instance within VPC
b. Create an EC2 Instance with EBS Volume
c. Create an RDS Instance
d. Create an Auto Scaling Group (ASG)
e. Create an Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)

6. State Management with Terraform (30 mins)
a. Local State using state file
b. Remote State using backend
c. Isolating state using workspaces
7. Terraform CLI usage (30 mins)

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