what is SQL server: Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) that it created and sells.
SQL Server, like other RDBMS software, is based on a standard programming language for working with relational databases. SQL server is linked to Microsoft’s Transact-SQL, or T-SQL, which adds a set of proprietary programming features to SQL.
For more than two decades, it has been solely used in a Windows environment. Microsoft released it for Linux in 2016. In October 2016, 2017 became generally available for both Windows and Linux.

When systems fail to perform as intended, they cause downtime and money loss. The same is true for your company’s SQL server. Only by guaranteeing that the relational database is functioning properly will your organization be able to reap the benefits of technology. That is why, in order to add value to your organization, you need train experts who have the relevant qualification.

what is SQL server

what is SQL server:

it is made up of two primary parts:
1.Database Management System

Engine for Databases
The Database Engine is the Server’s most important component. The Database Engine is made up of two parts: a relational engine for processing queries and a storage engine for managing database files, pages, indexes, and so on. The Database Engine also creates and executes database objects like as stored procedures, views, and triggers.
Engine for Relationships
The components that decide the optimal approach to execute a query are found in the Relational Engine. The query processor is another name for the relational engine.
Based on the input query, the relational engine retrieves data from the storage engine and processes the results.

The Operating System, or SQLOS, sits between the relational engine and the storage engine.
Many operating system functions, including as memory and I/O management, are provided by SQLOS. Exception handling and synchronization services are among the other services available.

what is SQL server
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