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Java Training is one of the most widely used programming languages, Java is used as the server-side language for most back-end development projects, including those involving big data and Android development. Java is also commonly used for desktop computing, other mobile computing, games, and numerical computing. V Cube Software Solutions is one of the top organizations in Hyderabad for Java Training. Get your Java Training in Kphb now.

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History of Java

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James Gosling and Sun Microsystems created The Java programming language around the year 1991. The motto he used when he created Java “Write one time; go everywhere.” They initially named the language Oak due to the oak tree in Gosling’s office. Later, the name was changed to Green and then Java Coffee and finally Java Coffee, named after the coffee of Indonesia which was later shortened to Java in 1995. Are you eager to receive Best java training in Hyderabad  you are in the right place. 

What is Java Used For?

Best Java Training Institutes in Hyderabad

Java is extensively used for web consoles and GUIs for mobile, mobile games gaming design, embedded system as well as desktop and tablet applications. Beyond that, Java is also used to create software for devices. Java is not just used on mobile and computers however, it is also used in electronic devices such as the television, air conditioners washing machines and others. Registration forms online as well as banking apps and shopping on the internet are all possible thanks to Java.

What is Java Based Upon?

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Java is a derivative of C as well as C++. The initial Java compiler was written in the company of Sun Microsystems and was written in C making use of some libraries of C++. Java documents are transformed into bit code format with a compiler which is run by the Java interpreter executes. Java code is executed in the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)–the runtime environment.

Editions in Java

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There are three versions in Java. Programmers can master one of these versions depending on the type of application they wish to create.

Java Standard Edition – Contains core libraries, like java.lang, java.util, etc.

Java Enterprise Edition – Includes Java APIs, like JMS, EJB, JSPs/servlets, etc.

Java Micro Edition The edition can be used to programme Java on cell phones, set-top boxes handhelds, and other devices.

The most popular version of Java can be described as Java SE (Standard Edition). Java SE covers the fundamentals of Java. The majority of applications need Standard Edition.

Java Concept and Features

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Java Concepts

The fundamental principles that are fundamental to Java is it’s object-oriented programming (OOPs) characteristics. OOP helps simplify development of applications and software and maintenance through the use of concepts, such as:

1.Object: An object is an element or entity with a status and behaviour. For instance the dog could be considered to be an object that has the colour, breed, and even a name. It can also be identified by its behaviour, such as eating and barking.

2.Class The term “class” refers to a set of many objects. It’s a blueprint that could be utilized to build any number of objects you’d like. The classes are utilized to arrange codeine the same way that vegetables, fruits and medical products are separated into various sections of the supermarket.

3.Constructor Constructor could appear as a method, but it’s not a method. The name of the constructor is the identical to the class name but it does not provide any value.

4.Inheritance Inheritance is the idea that a class inherits the characteristics and behaviours of its parent class.

5.Polymorphism Polymorphism refers to the method of performing the same task in various ways. Programmers can make use of the same term to refer to different terms in various situations.

6.Abstraction Abstraction in Java can be utilized to hide internal information and display only the important information.

7.Encapsulation: The process of binding or wrapping data and code together to form an entire unit (like capsules) is called Encapsulation. The Java Class is an illustration of Encapsulation.

Java Features

Java is a great language with many qualities and features, such as:

  • The simple syntax is extremely easy to comprehend and master
  • Java language is extremely robust.
  • Eliminates mistakes that can occur when using C and C++ languages. C or C++ languages
  • Java is comprised of features like garbage collectors and handling of exceptions
  • Since it is a portable language Java can be used on any platform
  • Java is safe and is able to perform multitasking
  • Java isn’t as efficient as C or C++ however, it is more efficient than other languages.

After having talked about the various features of Java Let’s look at the various parts in this Java programming language.

Components of Java

There are three primary elements in Java, the Java programming language, which includes:

  1. JVM – JVM is the Java Virtual Machine or JVM is an independent platform Java component that offers an environment to run Java programs. Therefore, JVM loads the code and validates the code. Then, it executes the program, and then provides an environment for running.
  2. JRE – It is the Java Runtime Environment or JRE creates an environment where the Java files can be executed and run. It is a program that includes JVM as well as Java class libraries, as well as Java Class Loader.
  3. JDK- It is the Java Development Kit also known as JDK is a subset that is a subset of JRE and is an application development environment that allows you to create Java Applets and applications. The JDK comes with an exclusive JVM as well as a number of other tools to complete the creation of the Java application. 

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Java OOPs Concepts

There are four main concepts of object-oriented programming (OOP), including:

  1. Abstraction – Abstraction is the process of displaying relevant information and hiding the details that are internal or behind the scenes. In the following example to allow a student be admitted to a college, the information required will be name address, address, parents name as well as high school marks. Particulars like favorite foods, sports or even movies aren’t relevant.
  1. Encapsulation – It is the same as capsules. The entire source code as well as the entire information are bundled into one single unit. All variables and methods are stored under the same classification name. only the identical class object can be used by it.
  1. Polymorphism- Polymorphism refers to the fact that a particular task can be accomplished in different ways. One function can be utilized to accomplish different tasks. In the case below Method Draw() is a function that can be utilized at various places to draw various shapes, such as a rectangle, triangle or a circle.
  1. Inheritance – If a class inherits characteristics and attributes from other classes, this is called inheritance. There’s always a superclass as well as subclass. Subclasses inherit attributes of the superclass. In the following example the animal is a superclass that includes attributes like eating() as well as sleep(). Subclasses of reptile, mammal and human have these attributes.

How to Learn Java?

Java is among the most popular programming languages, mostly because Java is extremely flexible as well as reliable and compatible. It’s also the most sought-after capability to have if would like to pursue your career in programming. Here are some helpful tips to help you get started:

Learn the fundamentals to learn the basics of Java programming (variables data types, variables arrays, conditional statements loops, functions)

Go through a book on Java Programming to understand the fundamental concepts

Explore the advanced subjects (object-oriented programming inheritance, abstract class, Java interface collections abstract classes, extraordinary handling, advance java syllabus and wrapper classes)

Coding regularly is a good way to be able how to improve your skills

Find new articles and documents on Java to keep current

Developers are often faced with at the beginning of their careers: Do I require a Java certification?

Some employers do value certifications a lot. A certification can allow you to advance in your career and make more money.

Java experts gain knowledge working on projects in different industries. They learn about the requirements of various sectors and how they interact with developers. However employers may value their employees more when they hold the Java certification since it can add value to the business.

There are four kinds of certification levels that are described in Oracle’s Java certification pathway:

  • Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)
  • Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)
  • Oracle Certified Expert (OCE)
  • Oracle Certified Master (OCM)


Almost everything we use in our day-to-day life is now connected to Java. Java programming language continues to be one of the top technologies in the industries, and the job demand is significantly high. Are you eager to receive best java training in Kukatpally  You are in the right place. V CUBE is a Best Software Training Company in Hyderabad that offers the best software training. You might wonder why you have to choose V CUBE for java course in hyderabad while there are so many institutes first let us brief you about our Software Training institute which is located is Kphb, Hyderabad. V CUBE is one of the best java training institutes in Hyderabad we provide specialized in Various Software Courses along with Java and java full stack developer.

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