Best Online SQL Azure in Hyderabad

Best Online SQL Azure in Hyderabad : SQL Azure is Microsoft’s cloud-based RDBMS. Because it is based on SQL Server, developers can immediately apply what they know about SQL Server to SQL Azure. SQL Azure is its own product, and developers will discover over time that they need to know a few extra things to be fully productive on this platform.

Realtime Expert trainer training
Online Live Classes
Obtaining free study materials
Online virtual classes are available in the morning, evening, and on the weekends.

SQL Azure online trainings

The format is made up of 40% theory and 60% hands-on.
It is a 20-day Programe that lasts up to 2 hours per day.
The format is made up of 40% theory and 60% hands-on.
It is a 5-day Programe that lasts up to 8 hours per day.
Private classrooms are available upon request, and the minimum number of attendees for a batch is four.

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  1. Maintain student interest and interaction
  2. Make learning enjoyable and natural.
  3. Make an effort to be more cooperative with both the instructor and the student.
  4. Making concepts applicable in real-world situations
  5. Time slots that are flexible for students
  6. Attend via phone or computer

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