Career in azure Data Factory And DevOps

Career in azure Data Factory And DevOps

career in azure data factory and Devops :Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform that provides both hardware and software. The service provider creates a managed service here to enable users to access these services on demand.

If the developer commits changes to the source code during this phase of software development, each commit is built and allows for early detection of any problems because it goes through various tests such as unit tests and integration/system tests.

Jenkins is the most widely used tool for this phase. When there is a change in a git repository, Jenkins fetches the updated code and prepares a build of the code in the form of a jar for execution. This build is then passed on to the testing or deployment/production phases.

Azure Integration Runtime

career in azure data factory and DevOps: It can copy data between cloud data stores and route the activity to a number of computing services, including SQL Server. Runtime for Azure HDInsight Self-Hosted Integration – It is software that contains essentially the same code as Azure Integration runtime, but it is installed on on-premises systems or virtual machines via virtual networks.
The Azure SSIS Integration Runtime enables the execution of SSIS packages in a managed environment. As a result, we use Azure SSIS Integration Runtime to lift and shift the SSIS packages to the data factory. There is no set limit on the number of integration runtime instances that can be used. However, there is a limit on the number of VM cores used by Integration runtime for SSIS package execution based on subscription.

azure data factory and devops

What is Blob Storage in Azure?

It is useful for storing large amounts of unstructured data like text, images, or binary data. It can be used to make data available to the entire world. Blob storage is most commonly used for streaming audio or video, storing data for backup and disaster recovery, storing data for analysis, and other similar purposes. You can also use blob storage to create Data Lakes for analytics.

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