career in power bi

career in power bi: One of the most likely reasons you want to study Power BI is that you want to work in the field. You could be asking yourself a lot of questions to make sure you’re thinking in the proper path. So, don’t worry; we’ll provide you all the details on Power BI Career Opportunities, including salary and a thorough explanation of the Power BI scope. Let’s take a brief look at Microsoft Power BI before we get into the employment opportunities.

career in power bi

career in power bi: In today’s world, Power BI is the most used BI tool. It comes with a plethora of data analysis and business intelligence capabilities. We’ve compiled a list of reasons why your company should utilize Power BI for data analysis.
Connectors to several sources (more than 70 data connectors)
Solution that is the cheapest/most affordable
Visual dashboards that are interactive
It is easily accessible from any location.
Collaboration and data sharing
Query in natural language

Power BI is utilized by a wide range of businesses in a variety of industries, including computer software, IT, healthcare, and so on. We have graphically illustrated the amount of firms adopting Power BI in various industries in the figure below. As can be seen, the computer software and IT industry accounts for around 24% of the overall number of enterprises assessed.

However, the average compensation for a Power BI specialist is around Rs. 5, 82,000 per year. The following are the various compensation levels for which firms recruit Power BI specialists depending on experience and skill:

0 to 6 lakhs (entry-level professional)
6 to 15 lakhs (mid-level professional)
15-50 million rupees (senior-level professional)

This finishes our examination of Power BI job prospects. We hope that the information we gave was useful in guiding you in the correct way.
Please leave a comment if you have any questions about Power BI employment opportunities. Our expertise will be of the utmost assistance to you.

career in power bi


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