How Appium Actually Works

How Appium Actually Works the client-server architecture is used by Appium. Once the connection is made, it listens for commands, executes them on the linked mobile device, and then returns the command execution result via HTTP response. Because of the client-server design, we can create our test scripts in any language that provides an HTTP client API.

How Appium Actually Works the employs the UIAutomation library on iOS platforms, whereas the UIAutomator framework is used on newer Android platforms. It also uses Selendroid to support previous Android versions. It also makes use of Microsoft’s WinAppDriver for Windows.

Client libraries for programming languages such as C#, JAVA, Ruby, PHP, and Python enable Appium extensions to the Selenium WebDriver Protocol, so you can use these programming languages’ client libraries instead of the WebDriver client.

For recording and playback, Appium Inspector is an extremely useful tool. It is aware of the hierarchy of elements. It records and plays the behavior of the native programme, much like any other record and playback automation tool, and provides test scripts.

So, whenever you need to record your manual actions into scripts or look up the value, name, description, or other properties of an element to use in XPath commands, the Appium Inspector is there to help you out.

Appium is a free open source user interface testing framework that is commonly used for both Android and iPhone mobile apps. It works with a variety of languages that enable HTTP requests and selenium client libraries, including Java, JavaScript with Node.js, PHP, Ruby, Python, C#, Perl, and others.

Appium is independent of the operating systems that are used on mobile devices, allowing us to use them regardless of the running system. It’s because of the Appium framework, which turns selenium web driver commands into UIAutomator commands for Android and UIAutomation commands for iOS, so it’s dependent on the type of device rather than the operating system.

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