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After the four major technologies that make up the stack, MERN stands for MongoDB, Express, React, and Node. MERN is one of numerous MEAN stack (MongoDB Express Angular Node) variants in which React.js replaces the usual Angular.js frontend framework.

MongoDB is a document-oriented database executive that is used to store data. MongoDB holds data in binary JSON format, which embodies the anthology and documentation theory. MongoDB is a NoSQL database with great performance, scalability, and flexibility in querying and indexing.

ExpressJS is a web application framework that was created to facilitate and host NodeJS projects. ExpressJS is an open-source framework licenced under the MIT licence. It coordinates the workflow between the front end and the database, ensuring that data is transferred quickly and securely. Furthermore, ExpressJS has strong error-handling web design functionality for streamlining online development processes.

It is a Google-managed open-source and front-end web application. AngularJS allows web developers to utilise HTML as a template language and extend HTML’s syntax to clearly and precisely define the components of online applications.

NodeJS is a cross-platform open-source framework for developing server-side and networking applications that uses a single-threaded JavaScript framework. The MERN stack’s backbone is known as NodeJS. Apart from JavaScript, NodeJS uses C and C++ programming languages. It comes with a web server that allows MongoDB and cloud apps to be deployed quickly.

The IDEs that are used for NodeJS programming are listed below.

Atom is a type of atom.

Cloud9 is a company that specialises in cloud computing.

Eclipse is a term used to describe a phenomenon that occurs

Komodo IDE is a software development environment for Komodo lizards.

JetBrainWebStorm is a web development tool by JetBrains.

IntelliJ IDEA by JetBrains

The object document mapper, or mongoose, is used to define objects using a strongly typed schema that can be mapped to a MongoDB document. Mongoose, as a result, provides a schema-based solution for modelling application data. Typecasting, validation, query construction, business logic hooks, and other functionality were also integrated into Mongoose.

In the context of Mongoose and MongoDB, this word is employed. Data modelling is the process of developing a data model for the data at hand before storing it in a database. The data model depicts the data object, its relationship, and the rules that govern how the data is connected.

Data visualisation can be portrayed while business standards, compliance, and policy are enforced through data modelling. Data modelling is used to ensure that conventions, values, semantics, security, and data quality are all consistent.

The Read Eval Print Loop (REPL) is a programme that accepts commands, evaluates them, and prints the results. As a result, REPL works in the same way that Unix or Linux did in terms of creating an environment for entering commands and systems that respond to the output.

Every JavaScript function is a scope: a collection of variables and rules that govern the variable’s unique name access. The code within a scope function can be used to control it. The variables are contained under a specific scope with distinct names.

Linear search Binary search 
Under linear search, the items will be considered one at a time without performing a jumping function. Linear search classified as O(n) within the time limit for searching of the list. On the other hand, the binary search starts searching under the middle of the item list. A binary search has been performed to identify the values greater or lesser than the desired value. Binary search is classified as O(logn). 

JavaScript is implemented using NodeJS, AJAX, and jQuery. However, they differ slightly from one another. NodeJS is a server-side platform that is used to construct client-server applications. AJAX, on the other hand, is a client scripting technique that allows you to render content without having to refresh the page. jQuery is a JavaScript that works with AJAX, the Document Object Model (DOM), traversal, and looping. This includes a feature that encourages JavaScript development.

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