what can you do with SQL server

In this post, we’ll go through the many activities you may do with the Microsoft Server Data Platform.
it is one of the most used data systems in the world. If you’re new to it, one of the first things that comes to mind is probably, “What can you do with SQL Server?” What are the options, what features are offered, and other comparable questions.

Databases and other Database Objects are used to store, organize, and process data.
Transform unstructured data into actionable insights and information.
You may achieve this in a variety of ways, including:
T-SQL aggregations and queries (learn more).
Insight into the business world (learn more).
Large amounts of data must be processed (on disc and in-memory)
OLTP in Memory
In-Memory The built-in In-Memory Optimization engine in SQL Server allows you to load and analyze huge amounts of data quickly and effectively (learn more).
Perform BI procedures (for example, setting up a Data Warehouse) and complicated analytics

what can you do with SQL server

Working with data that has been encrypted
it has a number of data encryption options. The following are the main mechanisms:
SSL certificates are supported (encrypt data in-motion)
Transparent Data Encryption is supported (encrypt data at-rest)
Encryption of backups (encrypt data at-rest)
Encryption at the column/cell level (encrypt data at-rest)
Always Encrypted (encrypt data at rest — SQL Server client-side encryption implementation)
Find out more.
Apply Machine Learning operations and algorithms to your data.
it has supported Machine Learning from the 2017 version. It’s a database engine add-on that allows you to run R and Python code on SQL Server (learn more).

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a sophisticated programming language that extends the capability of a typical database language. Relational databases are maintained, created, updated, modified, and manipulated with it. It’s simple to understand and use, and it can handle large amounts of data by integrating with programming languages.

what can you do with SQL server

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