What are the advantages of using PROTRACTER?

What are the advantages of using PROTRACTER.JavaScript is a popular web programming language. That’s understandable given the lack of competition. JavaScript began as a remarkably basic programming language. It was never intended to be a “real” programming language that could be utilised in complicated applications. However, JavaScript is now unquestionably a genuine language, and it is employed in serious, demanding applications. The complexity of modern online applications has grown to the point where manual testing of an application is no longer practical. That is why all software companies, large and small, attempt to implement automated testing. This applies to all programming languages, frameworks, and platforms.

End-to-end testing is a sort of automated software testing that is particularly beneficial for online applications since it is closer to the real user experience than most other types of testing. Selenium WebDriver is a widely used web browser automation tool for end-to-end testing. So, why not use Selenium instead?

When compared to pure Selenium, Protractor has a number of advantages. For starters, because Protractor is a Node app, it takes advantage of the vast amount of packages available through Node.

Testing in a realistic environment. End-to-end testing simulates how a real user would interact with the programme. No other method of software testing can deliver the same level of input.
Open-source. Protractor is a free and open-source programme. Users who are interested can follow the project’s progress and even participate in it.
It’s a good fit for Angular. Protractor can be used to test non-Angular JavaScript apps, but it is clearly designed for Angular apps. It has the ability to employ strategies that result in more reliable tests.
Installation and setup are simple. Protractor is a Node.js-based application. As a result, you can install it with npm and have it ready to use in no time.

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