What exactly is a Protractor?

What exactly is a Protractor?

What exactly is a Protractor. Protractor is an Angular and AngularJS application end-to-end testing framework. Protractor tests your application in a real browser, interacting with it as if it were a real user. Learn how to use a protractor with the best protractor training in Hyderabad from certified experts. Protractor is a framework for testing Angular and AngularJS apps from beginning to end.

Protractor is a web application testing automation tool that integrates sophisticated technologies like Jasmine, Selenium Web Driver, and Node.js. Protractor, which is primarily used on Angular apps, assists in overcoming the drawbacks of utilising selenium and other automation tools.

Protractor’s most notable characteristics include:
It is based on WebDriverJS and the Selenium server.
It teaches end users how to construct tests using a simpler syntax.
It makes it easier to perform tests that are directed at remote addresses.
Protractor is a WebDriverJS wrapper that supports Jasmine, Mocha, Cucumber, and other behavior-driven programming frameworks.
It includes new locator strategies and utilities for automating AngularJS application testing. Protractor provides an automated test architecture in conjunction with Selenium.
It uses the Selenium grid to run many browsers at the same time.

Framework that takes end-to-end testing into account:
Right out of the box, it supports two behavior-driven development (BDD) test frameworks:

When testing teams install Protractor, the default test framework is Jasmine. In this painting, Jasmine will be the focal point.
Mocha is a Node.js-based JavaScript testing framework. If you want to utilise Mocha as your test framework, you’ll need to use Protractor to set it up. In addition, as stated, you’ll need to employ a Behaviour Driven Development interface and Chai Assertions using Chai (refer to this link for more details). Cucumber, a test framework, is also supported.

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