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.NET FULL STACK DEVELOPER : Microsoft released the.NET framework in 2002 as an open-source tool for full stack developers, but it is also regarded by many as a set of programming guidelines for web application development. Although it was originally designed to run on Windows, it was initially considered as an alternative to Java and PHP. However, its various platforms can be used on different operating systems .

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Description of the Full Stack . net developer

A Full-Stack.NET Developer is an expert who can build and manage an application’s entire stack, including the front-end, back-end, database, version control, server, and APIs. This learning path focuses on C#, SQL Server, ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Entity Framework Code First, Bootstrap, and HTML5, which are required to build a real-world.NET application.

Curriculum for the Full Stack . net developer

In this article, I would like to share some of the important key skills required to become a Full Stack Web Developer of .NET. In other terms, Full Stack Web Developer is also noted as a Web Stack Developer (Mainly works in Web-based application developments). In this article, we will see the following.

I thought of sharing my experience “How I became a Full Stack Developer in .NET”. This article is based on my own experience, how I worked hard to become a full stack developer and what are the skills I developed to become a Full Stack Developer. If you follow the steps and improve your skills, then you can shine as a better developer than others. 

This session covers the very important skills required as follows, 

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap 
  • JavaScript 
  • jQuery 
  • AJAX
  • Angular
  • C# (Where our logical operations take place. Here, we are considering .NET, so it’s C#) 
  • .NET Core
  • Database

The best only way to become a Full Stack Web Developer is by doing the practical experiments. First, learn the concept, then implement that one. Practice and practice! This is the only key to gaining  programming knowledge.

As I stated earlier, you do not want to be the master in all technologies, but you need the capability to work on these technologies. I hope this article was useful. We’ll see some other concepts in my next

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