salary for freshers in mern stack development

salary for freshers in mern stack development

salary for freshers in mern stack development :In India, the average mern stack developer salary is 800,000 per year or 410 per hour. Entry-level salaries begin at 550,000 per year, with most experienced workers earning up to 1,800,000 per year.

I recently counselled someone with 6 months of MEAN experience who was being paid 10,000 INR per month (161 USD). Obviously, he was being taken advantage of as a newcomer. First, you must comprehend the following:
There is no such thing as a market-normalized rate of anything. HR professionals abuse this metric.
You are not required to show offer letters or even tell them about your previous job’s compensation package!
Every company has a set salary range for paying someone with specific experience. They will, however, ask you for your previous salary to see if they can pay you less. It all comes down to the interview and the value you bring to the company. How badly do they require you? How desperate you are not to give in to early bargaining. Depending on this, they may pay you well or poorly.

salary for freshers in mern stack development

Salary in india

  • 90% is determined by the salary you received in your previous organisation, for which they bargained for a percentage.
  • Big corporate and MNC’s have a salary band for each level; depending on your experience, you will be appointed in a level and will be paid between the lowest and highest within the salary band for that level; if you choose to join a startup, you will be paid less but will have more job perks.
  • Some companies will pay you twice as much as you are now if they have a project in hand and their resource requirements are at their peak, but these companies will fire you once the project is completed and their requirement is met. Some factors that influence the choice between MEAN and MERN are the size of your project, level of expertise, productivity, performance, code error prevention, etc.

salary for freshers in mern stack development The main difference between MEAN stack and MERN stack is the use of Angular and React, respectively. Both the stacks have some positive and negative characteristics.

The close competition between the MEAN stack and MERN stack makes it very tough to choose one or justify both of them. After all, both technologies have best-in-class functionality and features. So, according to your business requirements, select MEAN or MERN stack to develop a dynamic app.

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